As a brand, our purpose is to make sure you are proud of the product you wrap around yourself.
Sankalp bandhej has long recognised that true empowerment begins at the very core of an
organisation. Guided by awareness and the willingness to make a difference, we set forth
initiatives that enhance the lives of our rural women and men artisans.
A single piece of bandhani goes through a lengthy process before reaching your hands. From
tying the baandh to decoloring the fabric and then dying, majority of the process is taken up by
the female artisans. We realise that the women in these villages are torn between
responsibilities of the children and elders with little or no say in the decision making of their
homes. By opening up opportunities for them to work from the comfort of their homes, we
ensure that:
    a. The fabrics that have to be developed reach at her doorstep
    b. She has the flexibility to work at any time she desires
    c. She gets the assistance and guidance from our artisan coordinator, Mrs.Anju ben, as
        and when she needs
    d. With each finished product, she feels empowered having contributed financially to the
income of her home.
Each product has an artisan behind it, and each artisan, a story. It is our responsibility to make
sure it is a story filled with the colors of happiness, just like our products.
Sankalp bandhej, by one empowered woman, for another.

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