What Makes Bandhani More Beautiful.

What Makes Bandhani More Beautiful.

Three things that makes bandhai more elegant & Beautiful.

No .1 Its Bandhej – Bandhani dot.

How this dots are created what is the size & how clean is this dots are.

No. 2 It’s Design.

Design matters. Once this bandhani work which part of design fall where that matters.

More than 200 years few design are created and still it’s in use . Isn’t it exciting? Yes Ambadal , Bavan Bhat , Shikari & Chandrakani this four design is used till today.

No. 3. Colours.

Yes , there are two to three Mathod of dying a bandhani. One of the most powerful technic is dying in Hot Water. This is long technic but most powerful & results of this technic are awesome. By this Bandhani’s colours got full brightness and it becomes fast colours.

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