About us

Started by Sanjay & Kalpesh at year 2001.

Belong to Khatri community whose traditional business is Tie & Dye (Bandhani / Bandhej).

Khatri community are in this business more than 200 Years. Sanjay & Kalpesh have thought to take Bandhani to next level.

started with first retail outlet at Jamnagar (Gujarat) followed byvothers cities of Gujarat.

Being young & enthusiastic by nature and have bigger vision for Bandhani products, Sanjay started working on corporate style by system process and detail work on quality with creativity.

Who are the Khatris?

The word Khatri is derived from the term Kshatri, as the Khatri community is believed to have originated from Brahma Kshatris. many of whom settled in Gujarat. Rajasthan, Punjab and other parts of India. According to the Khatri Itihaas, it is said that the King of Kutch, Khengarji I (1548-1585) established the regions of Rapar, Mandvi. Bhuj and Anjar, and invited communities from the Sindh to settle there in order to boost business, trade and industries. People from both religions (Hindu and Muslim) are said to have answered his call. many of whom worked in bandhani. During the time of nobility, many of Kachchh’s bandhani artisans were employed by the king, and have continued to make bandhani for the wealthier classes as well as for their own use.


Bandhej is the oldest form of tie & die art which began about 5000 years ago. As per the historical evidence, the first Bandhani saree was worn at the time of Bana Bhatt’s Harshacharita in a royal marriage. One of it’s earliest visual representations can be seen in the Ajanta caves, In India. Bandhani work was started by the Khatri Community of Gujarat Places in Rajasthan like Jaipur. Sikar. Bhilwara, Udaipur, Bikaner. Ajmer, and Jamnagar in Gujarat are the well known centers producing odhnis. sarees and turbans in Bandhani. It is an ancient form of art which is still in practice.