Fair Trade

With the world moving full speed towards technology and fast fashion, we see the fashion industry going after the cheapest labour available. Local artisans are paid the minimum living wage which is far less than what they need to survive in this economy. For the amount of work done and the kind of skill presented, a very unfair amount of credit or salary is given.

It is high time that we make a change.
With the responsibility to preserve not just the art but the artisans, we at Sankalp Bandhej believe and execute Fair trade.

What is Fair Trade? It is a simple way to make a difference in the lives of people who make the products that we love. Practiced by giving them: a. better prices for their work b. better working conditions c. fair terms of trade

Fairtrade addresses the discriminations against workers that have long prevailed in this industry.

It enables the artisans to improve their living conditions and get more control over their lives.

Our mission is to empower every person involved in the supply chain (the production and development) of our product. It is good business when each person moves towards a better future.