What’s most important while buying a Bandhej / Bandhani ?

What’s most important while buying a Bandhej / Bandhani ?

Yes , there are lots of Bandhani or Bandhej manufacture are available in the market.

Now a days , online purchasing is increased almost in double the ratio particularly in our Bandhej / Bandhani segment.

High quality camera , best photo editing software’s are available , so many of sellers are clicking – editing – posting on social media or on website. At first looks it seems WOW.

But , once they receive product might get shocked – was it the same which I selected ?

Yes , here today I would like to share our experience of selling online Bandhani.

Generally we click photo & edit too , but once customer wish to buy we connect with them through Video Call. We explain each & every smallest things about that particular Bandhej / Bandhani.

There are lots of shades in every color. In that case we show them similar color and try to explain the exact shade of the particular Bandhej.

We explain the design , clarity of Bandhej ,size of Bandhej, colour depth, blouse piece ( if attached ). Length & width.

We at Sankalp Believe that, one must feels happy and enjoy shopping with us. We are not just selling a Bandhani / Bandhej but we are more concerned about the happiness of our customers.

Each Rs. of our customers value most to us.

Do connect with us for your bandhani shopping , and have an amazing experience.

For more information fell free to call us on 9377399299.

We will be more than happy to serve you.

Take Care & Happy Shopping.